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Abstract of item: Leather sling bag

Leather bag
Bag looks like a simple messenger's bag, slung across the body. It has one zip, which is along the length of the strap, and a simple flap to open the bag. Discovered by accident that if you open the zip while thinking about an object that's in the bag, it'll be in your hand. You can pull things out of the strap, which I think is a pretty interesting spell. We pulled out two metallic spheres, and one shaver's kit, among others.

Otherwise, opening the flap to put in and take things out works. We found the following in the bag:

A thin metallic box was found in the bag. It was the size of a thin matchstick box with a thin detachable end. The flap actually did resemble a matchstick. Remove detachable end. Flip box open. Remove choice of razor from box. Slide into end. Voila! Razor is now yours!

Interestingly, there were blades of various sizes within the box. Two of these were coated. One was coated with lime juice (it had a dull sheen), the other was coated with what looks like blood. It's been sent for analysis. If it's really blood, I would like to know how it got there, cause the blade's practically covered in it.

Metallic spheres, size of a palm
We found two metallic spheres, both with tiny patterns etched on them and an indentation on one end. Pressing against the indentation pops up a nozzle. We discovered that the nozzle delivered shaving cream, but I suspect that the ball may have more secrets, because it did not smell anything like the shaver it dispensed. Which leads me to the next item:

Bottle of colonge
Which doesn't smell like it. Despite the fact that it dispensed liquid, the scent of this cologne nearly made me sleep. It's that relaxing. The nozzle at the top of the bottle is made for the metallic spheres mentioned above. Inserting the nozzle into the ball created a hiss, and after a few moments, the ball disconnected itself from the bottle and simply rolled in one place. Then it stopped and was simply a ball.

The rest of the items in the bag looked and smelled like someone's dirty laundry. -_-"
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... How old is said laundry?
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How old is the sling bag? Is the sling bag acting like some kind of laundry preservative?
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What a strange feature. Clothes remain dirty, but no dirtier.
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Yeah, but clothes normally don't go bad.

Hm. Wait. Does it just preserve clothes?
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Hm. The shaving cream -- it's foam, right? What was the composition of the foam? Did it have, I dunno, menthol? Fragrance?
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Hm. So it's probably not good for armpit hair or legs, then. It might irritate.

Tell the assistant that he'll need to grow his beard the old-fashioned way.