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Item Abstract Manifest: Traveller's Wheeled Valise Interdimensional Steamer Trunk

Item is an wheeled valise open standing steamer trunk / closet combo, possibly clockwork-powered, measuring 55 x 35 x 22 cm 2 x 2 x 3 m, and yet weighing 2.5 metric tons (!!!! well, now I can see why...). It rests on its wheels Wheels, which the device had rested on when 'folded', have retreated into... somewhere in the trunk, and once clockwork mechanism is oiled, moves fairly easy in most directions THE TRUNK IS NOW SMACK-DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF MY GODDAMN OFFICE, AND CANNOT BE MOVED APART FROM CRANE. Obviously I can't lift the blasted thing (that's still true at least... ;_;).

Composition: mahogany wood, leather, brass (still true). Material sample tests indicate that valise is at least 50 years old (ditto). Locking mechanism is a series of intricate wheels, with an unknown (possibly transdimensional) mechanism. No form of twiddling seems to open the thing. HA HA HA HA IT'S NOW OPEN AND I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING OFFICE. ;_;

Update: If you're a new reader, you can obviously tell that something's happened. If you've read this report before and are now laughing at my misfortune, I HATE YOU AND AM ASSIGNING YOU TO CATALOGUE EVERY. SINGLE. GOD-DAMNED. THING. IN. THIS. STEAMER. TRUNK.



Steamer trunk is transdimensional -- inside seems bigger than outside, but not by much, likely a magnitude of 10 or so. Coils attached at the steamer trunk inner walls seem to bend light; suspect they bend space-time, and reduce mass in some way.

Items Manifest

  1. Leather sling bag, apparently holding toiletries. (claimed by [personal profile] geminianeyes).
  2. A keris, Balinese design. Fairly new; from first glance, seen a lot of use.
  3. A book, possibly a journal. Brown leather binding, locked clasp.
  4. A statue. Origin possibly Thai.
  5. A helmet, with syncretized Viking / Chinese designs.
  6. A piece of driftwood with scribblings on it. Someone's last words?.
  7. A love letter from a Bugis pirate to a Sulu pirate.
  8. A packet of love letters, bound together by pink ribbon.
  9. 10 kg. wax, red in color.
  10. An incomplete sword hilt, with crystal attached.
  11. A mammoth tusk, origin uncertain, but theorized to be from the American continent. There are symbols carved which may provide clues.
  12. Handcannon, Javanese in origin, dated around Majapahit era. (claimed by [personal profile] nyarlathotep).
  13. Leather-bound book, origin possibly Bharat.
  14. Technical documentation detailing steam turbine, origin Arabic.
  15. Map of the Pacific Islands, origin possibly Borneo.
  16. Fragment of poetry, detailing a conquest somewhere northwest of China. (claimed by [personal profile] yifu).
  17. A jar of pickled yellow-orange fruit, speckled with white, origin Borneo.
  18. A meticulously-written cargo manifest of a ship, port of origin: Aceh. (claimed by [personal profile] geminianeyes: Due 2010-08-08).
  19. Letter from a mother detailing a recipe.
  20. Documentation of an electromagnetic technology experiment, in the Acehnese language.
  21. A letter addressed to the writer's parents, begging for money. (claimed by [profile] nyarlahotep).
  22. A small, brass clockwork pony, origin possibly Borneo.
  23. A small, brass clockwork chicken, accompanied by eggshell.
  24. A collection of arrowheads, from various origins.
  25. A gas lantern, possibly Siamese.
  26. A bundle of clothing, both male and female.
  27. Some very large reptilian scales.
  28. A crushed miniature of a ship, made of pewter, tarnished.
  29. A glass box, containing an intangible model of a airship-like vehicle. Label (in English): The Aethership.
  30. A flat brass tablet, containing erotic sketches. (claimed by [profile] mecredigirl).
  31. A note-book, hardcover, black leather bound, size of playing card deck.
  32. Leg-braces, made of brass. Possibly clockwork powered.
  33. A full-face helmet. Possibly life-support use.
  34. Approximately 300+ loosely-bound pages. Technical documentation, in the form of Byzantine Greek Poetry: On The Matter of The Transmission Of Knowledge Over Great Distances. (Byzantine Greek)
  35. Technical Schematics: 85 x 120 cm. A large tower-shaped device, measuring 40 Arabic nil cubits. Heavily annotated. Third-hand copy. Title: On The Transmission Of Information Over Great Distances Via The Aether. (Arabic: The word used to describe Aether is menok, which seems to be a Persian loan-word). (claimed by [personal profile] nyarlathotep).
  36. A deck of 78 tarot cards. Marseille. Design seems to shift in response to contact with human touch. Paper and unknown substance, possibly photonic crystal. (claimed by [personal profile] inkstone: Due 2010-04-15 Reopened to public on 2010-04-15. Claimed by [personal profile] nyarlathotep).
  37. A wedding invite, torn in half, and wrapped, carefully, with a blue ribbon.
  38. A vellum scroll, heavily written and full of palimpsests. Contents appear to be poetry and flower drawings.
  39. A bola, 5 weights. Design seems to be pre-Hispanic.
  40. Brown leather double-holster, buckled. No weaponry. Shoulder-mounted.
  41. A picture of a young man, dressed in Javanese noble clothing. On first appearance, appears to be daguerreotype. Silver frame.
  42. A small, leather-bound book of bawdy poetry. Illustrations included, also bawdy.
  43. A corset, black leather. Buckled.
  44. Sets of bandages of various sizes.
  45. A rapier, of hybrid Arabic / French design. No apparent source of power. Constantly vibrates, producing a humming sound. (claimed by [personal profile] jolantru)
  46. A small clockwork nightingale.
  47. A small ceramic jar, stoppered, containing century eggs in preservative liquid. Eggs still good.
  48. A barrel with unknown locking mechanism, containing a large amount of pickled vegetables. Still good. (claimed by [personal profile] inkstone).
  49. Crate, containing 6 bottles. Labeled: Eiswein. Bottles stoppered, unopened. Full.
  50. Crates of 99 bottles of unknown liquor, leaning against steamer trunk wall. Possibly German Weißbräu variant. Stopper is screw-top -- all were sealed, broke one open to check on contents. Contents good. So very, very good.
  51. A small clockwork kancil.
  52. A portrait miniature of an older woman in the nude.
  53. A set of six exquisitely-made drinkware with anti-spillage design.

[Full OOC]: What to do to participate:

So we've got a list of stuff here, generated by me, [personal profile] jhameia and [personal profile] frangipani. Now, the rules are simple:

  1. Prompts to be picked up by members only. If you're interested in contributing, please apply for membership, and the usual membership process applies.
  2. Pick an unclaimed item that you find interesting.
  3. State that your preference in the comments. You can either do it full-OOC (I want to claim this item!) or lazily-IC (Ha ha, I laugh at your misfortune, you wouldn't catch me researching item #!). I will either cheerfully (fully-OOC) or angrily (lazily-IC) assign you the task of researching that item. Either way, you get a slot, which will be updated on the original list. First come, first serve; if you don't get it, you're next in line in case the person who beat you couldn't finish the deadline.
  4. Once you do that, you have a week from your assignment to complete your post; the usual minimum-word restriction applies, and the processes are the same.
    • Please don't over-extend yourself in in the number of items you select to write about. You'll only frustrate yourself and disappoint others.
  5. If you can't finish it by the end of the deadline, we'll release the entry and the person next in line can take the entry, or someone else can claim it.
    • Same goes if you say that you cannot finish it before the deadline. We'd prefer it if you could tell us as soon as you you cannot, please. We'd prefer earlier notifications, and people in line waiting for that cool item to write up can step up to the bat.
    • For items with a queue behind it, we'll ask the next person in line if they want it. If they don't, we ask the next person, and so on until we reach the end of the line. If no one takes it the item goes back to being open.
    • People taking up entries from other people: please let us know if you need an extension. If you do, you'll get a week from our confirmation to finish up, and that's it.
  6. Once you're done, post your entry link to the thread where you were assigned. We'll update the post to reflect your contribution.

I'll let this sit until the weekend before picking which prompts to take, so go wild! :D

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