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Item: Beaded and Embroidered Blouse

Item is a wraparound blouse made of linen, that appears to have been formerly white, but is now yellowed. It has long sleeves, down to the elbow, and the length comes down to the knees, with a sash that wraps around the waist at least twice. The result is a sort of cross between a ruqun and a banbi, perhaps adapted from China for the warm Nusantara climate.

Of particular interest is the extremely intricate beading and embroidery, in the same of bunga telang (butterfly pea) vines all along the edges of the garment . The beading style is reminiscent of Nyonya shoes, adapted from the English in the 19th century. The embroidery style is traditional Malay tekat with golden thread. The tekat style is used for the shape of leaves and vines, and the beading for the flowers.

I am dating this to the 19th century, since the Nyonya beading style has no history of appearing earlier in the region. But then, the beading style was also used for shoes, not garments, so this is up for debate.