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Obvious puzzle, hidden weapon

Item is a cube item about sejunkal in height and width (create a fist with your thumb and pinky sticking out, that's the height we are talking about), with irregularly-sized movable parts. Looks something like this but is made of bamboo and many more tiny parts.

The assistants and me have discovered that while you can take apart the cube and assemble the many pieces into different items (tissue dispenser, the Twin Towers, and kampung scupltures just to name a few) if you want to reassemble it into a cube there is only one way to do so.

The reason for this seems to be the hollow centre of the cube. When we first discovered the box, there were a small packet of sago seeds within. While playing around testing the various assemblies of the cube, it was discovered that you could, assemble a gun (incidentally this was the only other shape of the cube that required us to use ALL parts of it besides its original cube shape). Insert the sago seeds into the hole and voila! Instant gun.

However, we soon discovered that the gun would not fire on its own. There was nothing to propel the seeds out of the gun. It turns out that there's an extra component that came with the cube that we originally neglected; the Mayan Empire's rubber band holding the sago seed bullets closed were the missing piece.

Considering the size of the gun and its relative power (and the bruises it left on my assistants, heh), we suspect that the cube's original intention was to be a portable and quick-assembly weapon, used mainly to fire at hyperactive kids and stray mewling cats. Theoretically, it COULD be used as a more lethal weapon in close range, but no one volunteered we were unable to test that theory out.

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