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Abstract of Item: Bamboo Noodles

Item is a bag containing other items - 6 segments (or culms, if you want to get technical) of bamboo which contain dried preserved food.

The bag itself is an incurious brown linen slingbag, with no covering flap. It is enough to contain all 6 segments of bamboo

Each segment is 30cm long, 6cm in diameter, with one natural node on one end and the other end plugged with a screw-on wooden cap. The caps don't appear to all be the same wood.

When x-rays couldn't conclusively show us what was inside (the results look like meandering abstract paintings), so we opened one of these bamboo segments for closer inspection. It contained dried vegetables and fruits, as well as half-cooked rice and dried noodles. We've sent a few pieces to the labs for dating.

In the interest of science(!), we stood the segment on its end, poured in some hot water, screwed back in the cap, and waited a minute or so before pouring out the contents into a separate bowl. The result was a soup that smelled and tasted like it had pepper, a hint of chili, ginger, and what might have been beef, or might have been chicken stock. I won't lie, this Mee In My Bamboo thing is pretty nommy.

This raises some interesting questions: Why would instant soup be developed like this that it can be easily transported for long periods of time? Who would carry such a bag? The bag only contains six; perhaps the owner had one meal a day over a six-day period? Or did this bag belong to a worker, this food item being a form of cheap sustenance?