Mar. 19th, 2010

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Object is a shallow bowl with a heavy bottom, made of pewter. Embossed stylised leaves in the familiar awan larut motif are worked into the bottom of the bowl, circling two small quartz cabochons set at the centre. The surface shows some oxidisation and a substantial amount of scratches and acid damage.

Weight: 517g
Diameter: 18cm
Height: 5cm
Origin: Unknown, possibly the northern east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Close examination of the object reveals a minute seam along the rim of the bowl and two pan-headed bolts screwed into the base of the bowl. Digital radiography tests discovered a compact, circular clockwork-like mechanism under the bottom of the bowl, sandwiched in a hollow space between the two layers of pewter.

The function of the bowl was discovered by accident six months before the date of entry of this abstract. Liquid poured into the bowl activates the machinery, culminating in the arrival of all Felis silvestris catus (also known as housecats) within a 1km radius.

The exact workings of the bowl are as yet unknown.
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First of all to all the new people: welcome!

I’ve noticed an incredible jump in the number of people who’ve come in, which is awesome. It can’t be through my efforts alone, because all I’ve just done is pimp this community to [community profile] fen_at_sea here.

I haven’t even talked about this at all in in my main journal, even. Yeah, I’m terrible at this.

So, who else has been doing the pimping? Where have you been doing the pimping at? Who have you been talking to about this project?

Let us know in the comments!

frangipani: old map of Southeast Asia (Nusantara)
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Below are excerpts from an incomplete transcript and translation of an audio recording made on one of the artifacts similar to phonograph cyclinders, playable on a mechanical device discovered earlier [note to assistant D2: cross-reference this]. The cylinder (preliminary catalogue no. SAS-1-1939-42) was stored in a sturdy wooden tube of unremarkable design, with a printed label in Jawi script pasted onto the cap of the tube. The bottom half of the label has been torn off, but a date is legible on what remained intact: 12 Muharram 1358 Hijrah (transcript). No other identifying markers were found.

Sound quality is fairly low but approximately three-quarters of the recording are intelligible. The speaker on the recording is an adult male, speaking in a language confirmed to be that of the Labuk Kadazan dialect; unfortunately the speaker utilised a number of words (loan words?) unknown to linguists C.P. and R.R.M.

Excerpt 1:
Ask your cousin if [s/he] is keeping the bambangan pickles near [his/her] [unidentified]. If [s/he] has, throw the pickles away. We will send more when the winds are right.

The hinava won't be as it is here, but wash [the?] fish in hot water. We wish we can send you good fish to where you are. Lime juice, salt, chilli as you like. Remember the sugar there is bad for your [kidneys?].
Excerpt 2:
Tomorrow [rhetorical, not literal?] you sail again into [unidentified] and bring your name to the place where all will know it. Don't trouble yourself to [jump?] upriver from the bay. Your mother and your father are young and years are short. Wherever you are, however long you take, we will wait for you at home. The time between the winds only gives you enough for this [unidentified] to find your hands, send you our affection.
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