Mar. 21st, 2010

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Below is a fragment from a letter that I suspect was written on behalf of the Immortal Dowager CiXi, Regent of the Middle Kingdom, to the Sultan of Johor. The letter has no written date, but carbon dating of the paper (previously undertaken; unsure when this was done) indicates it is approximately one hundred and fifty years old, which corresponds with the Dowager's one and only visit to the Sultanate of Johor. Although Johor was of course of significance to the Middle Kingdom, the Dowager's reliance on her impressive and technologically advanced life-extending throne made it difficult for her to travel, and required any hosting countries to provide the party with significant quantities of fuel for both the Imperial Airship and the throne to return back to the Middle Kingdom.

the text )

There are a number of articles of clothing in the SPS collection; certain other rather unscrupulous foreign organisations have been eager to rifle through it whilst our backs are metaphorically turned, so we should get on to it as soon as possible, to see if this artefact is indeed located within the collection. It would be a magnificent find, and reveal much to us about a) the politics of the Middle Kingdom and the Sultanate of Johor at the time, and b) the Dowager's throne.

*ooc: eh my trad characters are not very good, if someone wants to suggest a more correct alternate please do.
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Object is a jeweled egg, set with polychromatic gems and a frame of gold, ranging from rubies to emeralds. It reminds the observer of a Faberge egg, yet object opens to present an iron filigree bird, vaguely resembling two joined Chinese phoenixes (the feng and the huang).

Weight: 100g.
Diameter: 9cm.
Height: 7cm.
Origin: Imperial China (though I suspect an artistic collaboration with the French artisan houses).

Upon closer examination, there are Chinese pictographs and Malay-Jawi words etched around the rim of the egg. I spot "Bunga Telur" (Malay-Jawi)and "The Iron Phoenix" (Chinese). The rest is gibberish: "1 + 1 = 5". Mathematics oddity, my esteemed colleagues?

I am also aware that the bunga telur is a symbol of fertility, given as tokens during Malay weddings. Why the egg has these words begs further examination.

PS: I need to go back to the pterandon bones and the silver brooch.


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