Mar. 23rd, 2010

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Item Details:
Origin: Possibly Melaka or Johor
Item Age: Early 1800's
Length: 140mm
Width: 45mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 400g

Resembling a toy mouse, this rare, harmless looking object may have actually been a clever sabotage device used during the early days of the Indo-Malaya rebellion. It is speculated that its purpose was to crawl its way through the machinery and disable exhaust vents for Imperial automatons and/or human controlled clankers.

However, due to its size, and the complexity of the clockwork, it is speculated that the device could only work if manually placed within the confines of a machinery where it would home in on the nearest heat source. If so, that would mean saboteurs would still have to get close to the automatons and clanks in order to deploy the device. While such methods would have been rendered in an open battlefield, it is logical to assume that the device was employed under the guise of sneak and run operations and records of it in action, while rare, have been recovered.

It is unsure whether the device was outfitted with a tiny explosive or it served to block the mechanisms that controlled the steam generator vents. As mentioned, very few records have been found regarding the said device especially after the Qing Empire upgraded their automatons and clanks with sealed steam generators (and later on micro-boiler generators) rendering the Clockwork Mouse obsolete. The fact that sabotaged automatons and clanks were destroyed in the process as well made it even harder to pinpoint just how the device worked.

It is largely assumed that the use of the Clockwork Mouse was a significant mark in the Indo-Malaya rebellion against Imperial Qing Dynasty. It is also assumed that its success, however limited lead to more underground/subversive use of steam/clockwork tech rather than open warfare.

"Even a behemoth of a machine can be so humbled by the simple actions of a tiny mouse"
- Unknown Imperial mechanic
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Oh god, that’s it for paperwork. I can’t believe I’m actually feeling happy to see dusty old manuscripts again. As long as it’s not in a modern language.

Okay, let’s see: Parchment scroll, in fairly good condition. Tests indicate that it’s at least 40 years old, made of buffalo skin. Ink is a carbon soot-adhesive compound of still indeterminate substance. Ink disposition via micro-droplets, tightly spaced to around 180 drops per inch.

Script is modern Javanese, written in Dentawiyanjana:

Transcript as follows:

letter transcript )

The scroll is unsigned.

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The two wing bones are found in Storage, almost tucked away in a corner. Ivory-yellow, in surprisingly immaculate condition. Treated with a sort of varnish, to keep items from breaking down. The bones are specifically Quetzalcoatlus northropi.

Length: 10m
Weight: 7-8kg.
Width: 7cm (?)
Origin: unknown (?)

The wingspan of this creature must be massive, enough to support a rider, though my esteemed colleagues would deem this theory ridiculous. I can't imagine how big the creature is. One of those winged contraptions the Wright clan is designing? Or the gliders in the Spring-Autumn period? The possibilities.

PS: How fares the research for the silver broach?
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