Mar. 24th, 2010

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Okay, serious face on. Comments in this post are considered fully-OOC.

This is the policies and guidelines document. It tells you, the potential applicant to the community, most of what you need to know about Steampunk Nusantara. We, the admins, reserve to revise rules and rights as we deem necessary. Please read this document as part of your Orientation Packet.

tl;dr, even if it is completely necessary tl;dr )

Please feel free to comment on this post to provide comments and request for clarification on anything we may not have made clear. We'll update this post if anything new comes up.

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Item is a little book, filled with what appears to be Chinese poetry.

Length: 15 cm
Width: 8cm
Depth: 2cm

The pages are of a very fine quality, each sheet of paper being quick thick. Perhaps because of this, the pages are not sewn together as such books often are, but instead, uses tight bronze rings as binding. The bronze is heavily tarnished. Results for dating are as yet inconclusive, but the way the book is bound makes it easy to scan and file into the electronic database.

The covers are a thick black material, almost plastic in hardness but cloth-like in texture. Embossed on the cover are three Chinese characters and a rendition of bamboo leaves. The characters are filled with gold, and the leaves filled with green.

Each page within the book contains Chinese characters, ranging from 10 to 50 characters a page, and with some pictures and further, much smaller characters, written in the margins, reminiscent of a child's textbook.

As I cannot read Chinese, I have since forwarded the files to the linguistics department, particularly [personal profile] yiduiqie, who may better confirm what I have speculated.
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