Mar. 30th, 2010

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Item is a fragment of a letter found in a bronze tube. The tube had a pop-off cap, upon which were the only markings that appear worn down. The paper was extremely frail and almost falling apart when we extracted it from the tube. Much of the writing has flaked off the surface of the paper. The script is a form of Jawi

We are unsure what this fragment is - personal letter? Military communication?

Measurements of tube:
Length: 20cm
Circumference: 5cm

Measurements of letter fragment:
Length: 15cm
Width: 10cm

Translation thus far:

Before you [embark] upon this journey [...] the great personage of [...] the greatest foe [...] threat to the empire and [...]

[ze] is ruthless and cunning, and a great strategist for war. [...] directed great battles and won every time, seemingly without effort. If you ever meet [...] you must not engage, and retreat to survive another battle. [Ze] has been known to command huge fleets [...] leave behind ruins [...] to die is a mercy [...]

It is my hope that someday we shall send an [intrepid] warrior forth to challenge [hir] that we may all sleep soundly [...] our coasts would be safer and our [treasure??] would rest easy.

Note: Sorry for the lack of transcription. My translating team has been remiss in that regard.


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