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A Quick Introduction to the History of this Catalogue

Sharekat Perkapalan Samudera (SPS) Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1901 as a partnership between Wong Teck Mun, a Chinese towkay of Hakka descent, and Muhammad Iskandar Ishak, an Indian spice merchant hailing from Nagapatnam. Based on public records, SPS was founded to capitalize on trade between India to other parts of the British Empire, and had its highest earnings during the economic boom period just before World War II... after which it suddenly disappeared from history, seemingly a victim of the War To End All Wars.

It was only forty years later -- October 1974, to be exact -- when the descendants of the founders, Aloysius Wong and Siti Norimah Iskandar, discovered the legacy their fathers left them.

It began with a small, battered journal -- a register of properties and assets owned by SPS, dated around the beginning of the financial year, 1939. The leather cover was covered in mould, and only three barely-legible pages remained. Out of those three pages, an address to a warehouse in Ipoh that appeared in no other company record, either in public archives or within either family's possession.

It turned out that the warehouse was still there -- the locks still held, and its contents still secure. And what contents these were! Machines and artifacts that could not have come from this time, documents -- thousands of books, in dozens of languages, that spoke of events that never happened...

...and in the middle, an eerie glowing chest, and a teletype machine of unknown design, patiently typing out the words:


Internal Memo: Guide To New Employees
Employee Roll Call
Internal Memo: Databases & Resources