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The Completely Disorderly Guy Who Doesn't Walk ([personal profile] nyarlathotep) wrote in [community profile] steampunk_nusantara 2010-03-25 03:14 pm (UTC)

Well, as far as I can see, not much goes on behind the scenes — most of the content of this community is open for all to see, and the most restriction we’ll put for non-members is NSFW warnings.

There’s really more action happening in the comment threads within each post, and frankly I’m cool with that. Most of the rough-and-tumble policy-making will happen there anyway. I think [personal profile] jhameia, [personal profile] frangipani and I fairly lazy (if rather wordy mods). Or maybe it’s just me that’s wordy, whatevs.

In any case, I keep getting this urge to clarify what, exactly, will be community-locked here, just so things are clear. I’d appreciate it if the other admins can chip in on the matter.

We will only lock posts to community for the following reasons:

  1. As part of a “safe-space”, to provide community members a place to talk without having to expose themselves unnecessarily.
  2. Again, as part of a “safe-space”, to obtain consensus from our pool of contributors on community-specific matters.

Of course, someone could join in just for the chance to look at these safe-spaces, so these protections have possibilities of failure. We’re trying to control and minimize those risks by being up-front to you guys about it, and tightening policies like membership acceptance and regular roll-cleanup.

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