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jhameia ([personal profile] jhameia) wrote in [community profile] steampunk_nusantara 2010-03-25 03:48 pm (UTC)

If a post is locked and members-only, it's locked and members-only for a reason. I, for one, generally prefer it if folks who are contributing and have a vested interest in contributing be the ones to see it, since the posts will be community-specific (and thus don't require a non-contributing audience). If anybody can just join just to see what's going on, then what's the point of members-only posts? But I am a tyrant like that.

Nonetheless, when we do want as many opinions as possible, we will be opening the discussion to all. That said, there's not really much that goes on behind-the-scenes that's so interesting or relevant to the public face of the comm.

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