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Lindra ([personal profile] lindra) wrote in [community profile] steampunk_nusantara 2010-03-29 02:14 am (UTC)

"Seriously. This is, and we'll reiterate this again, is a safe-space. That means you don't get a free pass in threatening fellow researchers, or anyone, really. Even if you "didn't mean it", or "it was a joke, I swear!"

All three of the administrators are complete and utter ruthless killers when it comes to specific kinds of bigotry. If you acquit yourself well (see Getting Into Trouble, below), we might spare you. But don't push it."

I really, really, really love this post. A lot.

But this: complete and utter ruthless killers, is something that stood out to me, because the rest of the post was so fantastic in how it laid out the necessity of a safe space, its enforcement, its preservation!

It's simply that this stood out to me as something that's not quite so awesome, in that, errr, are you utter and ruthless killers? Or is that hyperbole? Because I've been the subject of a murder attempt, and I'm a bit uneasy with the figure of speech being used there.

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