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Steampunk Nusantara

Fragments of Chronicles from South East Asia as It Might Have Been

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Name:Steampunk Nusantara: S.E.A. Steampunk
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:steampunk, alternative universe, fiction, south east asia
This is a community for members to post fragments of things they would like to see in a steampunk’d Nusantara universe.

Before considering whether you wish to join or subscribe to this community, please take a look at the policies and guidelines post.

Membership is moderated. We encourage everyone who identifies as ASEAN to apply, but we are incomplete without other voices. Please ensure you have read the [current] director's memo. Once you have been accepted, please sign the Employee Roll Call.

The time-frame for these incredible events and items range from 1500 – current. Dates on these fragments are not mandatory.

Neither is consistency. The documents can contradict each other as much as you like.

When posting a fragment, kindly tag it with the following categories.

Use the frame story or pretend you are an chronicler of such fragments, as per your preference. Hence, you can write the fragment from the point of view of the cataloguer, or you can write as the creator of the document.

If writing as the latter, feel free to use whatever language you want, or combine languages – basilect, creole, pidgin and dialects are all welcome. If writing as the former, feel free to make your fragments in any language as well, but if you don’t stick in a full English translation, whine about how much the administrator slashed your budget to get a proper linguist and translator, or some other excuse.

The goal of this project is to create materials that can be used in any Steampunk Nusantara-themed story, comic, game, art., etc, for others to use. For a more in-character description of this project, please go here.

Works under Steampunk Nusantara are licensed under the Creative Commons License. Direct quotation of fragments within Steampunk Nusantara is under the CC-BY-NC, under the original writer. This only allows for non-commercial distribution, and requires you to attribute your works to the original creator.

If, however, you create works that are spun-off of any elements of Steampunk Nusantara (which include names, characters, locations, devices or other entities appearing under the Steampunk Nusantara imprint), the rules governing the CC-BY apply, in which we require that you attribute it to the original creators of the work.

Let the lulz commence!
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