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On behalf of the Pracheen Itihas of Jambudweep Akademi (PIJA), we wish to assure you that any reported information purporting to be leaked internal memos are merely the figments of imagination of certain isolated malcontents and trouble makers.

Under no circumstances should these be treated as facts or taken with any seriousness.

Furthermore, there is no credibility to any rumours regarding any confidential information that might be in the possession of PIJA’s Tiruvanathapuram facility, nor has it been withholding items of any value or purpose from our esteemed counterparts at SPS. Any transactions between the former management of SPS and PIJA has been fully documented and adheres to the Dugong Convention of Historiography and Archaeology; we are happy to provide copies of such proof upon receipt of requests made through the proper channels.

The PIJA mission statement has always been one of co-operation and brotherly research amongst institutes that share a common history with Bharat, and we strive to accommodate the new management of the SPS to the best of our ability, given the very little time and information we were given regarding the changeover.

On a much more inconsequential note, we would also like to clarify that the inquiry posted for an Arabian scholar fluent in both Arabic, Bai, and Sanskrit is merely the routine filling of a vacant position, and has nothing to do with spurious claims of mechanical devices that may have unexpectedly fallen in our hands.


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