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Several things:

[personal profile] geminianeyes and [personal profile] jhameia have brought [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw to my attention. I thought that was cool, and I hope you do, too! If you have an entry you’d like to include, feel free to tag it with “three weeks for dreamwidth” or “threeweeks”.

Feel free to plunder the prompts post or make up your own: activity’s dropped off a little in SN, but that’s because the administrators have been lazy buggers too busy with IRL matters, HOW DARE YOU IMPLY OTHERWISE.

That stuff’s supposed to stay on dreamwidth for three weeks, but since most of the conversation’s been here I guess that shouldn’t be too hard.

Oh! And also: this community lacks an icon. [personal profile] jhameia, [personal profile] frangipani and I are 1) too lazy or 2) too incompetent with graphics editing programs and 3) possibly bloody tyrants as well, so we’re delegating the wonderful task of icon-creation to you, our faithful peons minions slave labor subordinates partners.

That is all. You may continue with your business.

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You heard us right. Anyway, we're going through a cleanup of the member roster, as per the following section in the policies and guidelines document:

Clean-up periods:

As administrators, we will run through a regular cleanup of the member roster, looking for inactive members and lurkers. When that happens, we'll post a announcement in the group with a deadline (typically a week after the announcement post). After that, we'll be looking at posts made between the time of the last announcement and the current deadline:

  • If you haven't made a post in the employee roll-call thread, we'll remove you from the group immediately.
  • If you have made a post previously, but haven't done a post between the last announcement and the current deadline, we'll remove posting access but keep you in the membership roll.
  • If you haven't made a post between the last announcement and the current deadline, and you don't have posting access (likely because we removed posting access during the last round), we'll remove you from the group membership.

If you get removed due to inactivity, what do you need to do? Easy! Just reapply, and once we re-accept you, post! We'll put you back in, but keep your posting access off. Once we've received a post from you in our moderation queue, we'll reinstate posting access, and everything will be peachy.

Right. As this is the first member roster cleanup, we'll be looking at posts made from the time this community opened up, up until the deadline period, which will be Monday, 25th of April 2010.

Would like to contribute, but feel your creative juices running a little low? Take a look at our first prompts post -- you might find something there that inspires you.

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First of all to all the new people: welcome!

I’ve noticed an incredible jump in the number of people who’ve come in, which is awesome. It can’t be through my efforts alone, because all I’ve just done is pimp this community to [community profile] fen_at_sea here.

I haven’t even talked about this at all in in my main journal, even. Yeah, I’m terrible at this.

So, who else has been doing the pimping? Where have you been doing the pimping at? Who have you been talking to about this project?

Let us know in the comments!

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