Apr. 12th, 2010

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You heard us right. Anyway, we're going through a cleanup of the member roster, as per the following section in the policies and guidelines document:

Clean-up periods:

As administrators, we will run through a regular cleanup of the member roster, looking for inactive members and lurkers. When that happens, we'll post a announcement in the group with a deadline (typically a week after the announcement post). After that, we'll be looking at posts made between the time of the last announcement and the current deadline:

  • If you haven't made a post in the employee roll-call thread, we'll remove you from the group immediately.
  • If you have made a post previously, but haven't done a post between the last announcement and the current deadline, we'll remove posting access but keep you in the membership roll.
  • If you haven't made a post between the last announcement and the current deadline, and you don't have posting access (likely because we removed posting access during the last round), we'll remove you from the group membership.

If you get removed due to inactivity, what do you need to do? Easy! Just reapply, and once we re-accept you, post! We'll put you back in, but keep your posting access off. Once we've received a post from you in our moderation queue, we'll reinstate posting access, and everything will be peachy.

Right. As this is the first member roster cleanup, we'll be looking at posts made from the time this community opened up, up until the deadline period, which will be Monday, 25th of April 2010.

Would like to contribute, but feel your creative juices running a little low? Take a look at our first prompts post -- you might find something there that inspires you.

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Item is a glass barrel, filled 3/4 full with pickled vegetables in a vinegar solution.

Height: 75cm
Diameter: 65cm

Glass is red in color and inscribed with a large, stylized banyan tree on the side. Lid is similarly inscribed with a twining vine design along the perimeter.

A metal locking mechanism in the shape of an unfurled flower holds the lid latched shut. Metal is of indeterminate origin but color changes depending on how the light hits it, ranging from dark grey to pale gold. A request has been submitted to the metallurgy department for further analysis.

Care must be taken to unlock latch as edges are extremely sharp; shallow cuts occurred during every examination that did not utilize personal protective equipment. Note that any attempt to unlock latch using gloves results in failure. Thus far, only bare hands have yielded success. In the open state, locking mechanism resembles a flower in full bloom.

Pickled vegetables consist of shredded papaya, carrot, ginger, red bell pepper, and onion. No test subjects displayed adverse effects after consuming a small sample. Continued observation of test subjects is recommended for any signs of long-term effects.

The interior of the barrel is noticeably cooler than the ambient, room temperature but there is no sign of a temperature control unit anywhere on or inside barrel. Frost was observed on plates and dishes containing food samples. A sample of the vinegar solution has been submitted to chemistry for analysis.

The following message is inscribed in Tagalog on the interior of the lid:
For those not like us,

We graciously thank you for your continued protection, and the baranggay appreciates your longstanding forbearance.

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